Unicorn Labs makes mobile engagement work for brands with a market-proven library of mobile applications.

The Mobile Computing Wave

With over 500M iOS devices sold, 700K apps launched and 40 billion apps downloaded to date, mobile computing is now mission-critical.

No less, it's the 'native' environment where users are spending an increasing amount of their time, be it leisure, work, research or social time.

Oh, and it will grow to encompass 10 billion users worldwide. In other words, if you are not where your audience is, then you are missing the boat.

The Apps Lifestyle Land Grab

What some call the 'apps lifestyle' is fundamentally about engaging, entertaining and activating your target audience as a devotee of your brand.

It's about finding new ways for them to 'Like' you. It's about delivering new forms of utility that previously were unimaginable, evolving once analog products into digital ones, and converting prospects into customers.

This is what we mean when we talk about mobile engagement.

Rapid Deployment Model

The only way to figure out a new medium is to operate within it. So we've spent the past three years building dozens of different products for ourselves and other brands across the categories of:

eBooks, Educational Games, Photos, Music, Business, and more

We've taken those learnings, and re-factored them into a rapid deployment solution that combines the richness of native apps and the agility of the web:

Unicorn Engine for Dynamic Content: Rapidly deploy eBooks, eLearning and Dynamic Content apps that are Media Rich, Interactive and Social (download Data Sheet)

How We Work

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with. What that means for you is:

  1. Free Strategic Review: In a strategic review, we will speak to the particulars of your brand, budget and timing, and how that could shape mobile strategy. In quid pro quo fashion, we will also share our learning curve of best practices and mistakes to avoid.
  2. UX Design Services (including Wireframes): We can help you evaluate multiple mobile app concepts so you can "test bake" a concept -- before committing the full budget to deploy it. Our deliverable, which is derived directly from agreed-upon use cases, is a clear, documented set of workflows, including graphical wireframes.
  3. Co-Creation: Our preferred mode is to work with you at the earliest stages of the product planning process -- from market segmentation and competitive analysis, to product management, programming and product lifecycle. We have a proven process that works.